Top four tech trends the world needs to be ready for

Posted by Aakriti Pandey on Nov 16, 2017 11:00:00 AM

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Top four tech trends the world needs to be ready for.

Let’s get onto it in a no-fluff way!

Internet of Things

The new phenomenon for the future is going to be exactly what Forbes said, "Anything that can be connected, will be connected."


The IoT is inevitably going to be the next big thing for the mankind. Surely, it comes with the promises of making lives more efficient, productive and convenient, wherever and whenever we are. But while to many consumers, the IoT are ‘things’ that are encompassed in “gadgets” that utilize sensors and connectivity to produce smart functionalities and experiences. However, the technologies are evolving and getting mature in a rapid pace, and connectivity has become omnipresent. And with that, the uses of IoT is going beyond delivering ‘experiences’. One of the key potential benefits is likely to be environmental.

Geologists are also said to be working on ‘embedding networks  of sensors to identify seismic activity’. From monitoring the health of ecosystem ecosystem, to monitoring the food in our fridge, IoT is set to disrupt the meaning of ‘connectivity’. A reality of endless virtual opportunities - not only for businesses and individuals, but for the government, the communities, and the planet.

Surely, there may be roadblocks with the concerns of security and data sharing as we’re talking about billions of devices, equipments, and sensors and about consuming massive amount of data from all these devices.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is referred to as the ability of computer systems to mimic human intelligent behavior. This could be in the forms of speech recognition, visual perception, decision-making and language translations. This may sound super exciting to some, and threatening to others. Some of the geniuses that we know - the likes of Stephen Hawkings, Bill Gates and Elon Musk - are ones who believe that it is something that has a full potential to spell the end of human race.

Although AI may liberate us from our manual routines, it goes without saying that there is a risk that it could get way out of hand. These machines can take action on their own without human intervention. It can even reprogram itself against an obstacle or restriction.  Perhaps, in order to prevent the danger that AI can pose to the mankind, finding ways to inject consciousness, empathy, and other ‘soft’ features that humans have in them. Qatar has already seen a first case of accepting a robot as its Citizen as it recently gave ‘Sophia’ its very first Citizenship as a robot. Not just for us to be able cope and live with the advance case of AI down the road, but also to be able to relate and connect better to our other citizen counterparts.



The evolution of cellular wireless technology rooted from 3rd Gen (3G) to 4th Gen (4G) to its current LTE standard release. In a very fast-paced world that we live in now, a major feature that we all are looking for is higher bandwidths than the current LTE networks can offer. As our lives advance with the advancement of the technologies, many things that once were imaginations have fast become our expectations, and the world is fast calling for the 5th Gen wireless networks.

5G is certainly cooking in the oven, and it is said to be built from the ground-up to allow for not just a slight increment in the bandwidth and speed, but for more complex uses, such as cooperative networking, coexistence, and future support for IoT (Internet of Things) and IoV (Internet of Vehicles).  

5G is also expected to support an increase in data volumes and a wide range of applications.  This will undoubtedly bring in the massive spike in the volume of wireless traffic in the future. And the world, but most importantly, ISPs, Corporations and Businesses, and Government needs to brace for change and be ready!

Driverless cars


In this day and age of what seems like a perpetual digital and technological revolution, where we hear about one tech advancement after another, some that sound sensible and exciting, and others that sound crazy and exhilarating. In one way or another, technological revolutions in the short term often tend to be wildly overestimated, but underestimated in the long run. What makes this striking is not the notion of self-driving cars wandering our streets. It’s also not that we already have driverless cars in some our streets (albeit in a molecular percentage). But, it is the fact that the auto industry is evolving and creating this world where computers, machines and equipment are extraordinarily powerful - and that they are now operated by a) electricity and b) artificial intelligence. As exciting as it may sound, it is also somewhat terrifying to think of the cyber-hackings and dangers of intrusion in the realm of digital cars.

However, in a world of driverless cars operated by AI, we could look forward to saving some time in looking for and circling around in parking spaces.

Or to collect groceries and wait up right there for your car to pull up to pick us up.

We may also look forward to saving time by sending the kids to and from school in the driverless cars.

Or would we?

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