The gigantic growth anticipated in the IBW market

Posted by Aakriti Pandey on Apr 6, 2017 11:00:00 AM
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In Building Wireless (IBW) - communication solution that maintains connectivity inside a building or a facility where macro network signals cannot penetrate. Beyond that, IBW is also a means to enhanced delivery of services, providing advanced signal coverage inside a building,  and increasing the capacity for bandwidth-hungry applications and data-centric services.
With the gigantic growth in the technological front and the upsurge in the use of mobile devices, the In-Building-Wireless (IBW) has become a new 'must-have' in every office, household, public facilities, and outdoors. Next to water, electricity, and gas, IBW also falls right inside the same bucket that's labelled 'utilities'. Seamless and sturdy connectivity isn't a nicety anymore - it's an expectation. And if everyone doesn't catch up with this, then they're bound to lag terribly behind. 
A 2015 report released by MarketsandMarkets has put a tag on the IBW market of $4.83Billion. With an anticipated annual growth rate of 28.1%, the market is predicted to be worth $16.71Billion by 2020. For one, there is an augmented dependency on cellular data to meet all the connectivity demands, and cellular devices are fast becoming (if not already) the favored means of communication. 
And furthermore, the IBW isn't merely an expansion of the macro network - it is the foundation to ensure reliability and consistency in the delivery of today's communication inside the buildings. Afterall, it is where the vast majority of the 21st century communications take place!
It is also predicted by ABI Research that North America will take the lead in investing in the IBW market, followed by the Europe and Asia Pacific region right behind it, picking up by 2016. While the value is a conservative $9Billion by 2020, ABI research also points out that it represents doubling of the revenue. 
This surge in the IBW investment is not quite as impressive when compared to the astounding upswing in the need and urgency for ubiquitous cellular coverage, improved capacity, reliability, consistency and availability; and when compared to the heaving mobile population and the definition of the 21st century workplace. 
The market for IBW is growing rapidly to keep up with the pace of contemporary technologies - and over the coming years, as the market expands, it is expected to be readily available in not only buildings around us, but also in tricky places like airports, stadiums, railway network, and other public places. Getting an IBW in your facility is no longer a 'cool-to-have' - but at the pace it's being adopted, it will be detrimental if your building isn't fully lit. 
Extensive and ubiquitous cellular access is the new norm. All landlords, property managers, employers, and alike will have no option but to 'up' their game and light up every room, every corner, every staircase, every hallway, and every terrace.
As the technology makes leaps and bounds, and so does the human behavior in response, the IBW solution providers need to step up and design systems with solid capabilities, the landlords and property managers need to prioritize the IBW infrastructure in all premises and facilities to make room for demand, and businesses need to look into their IBW capabilities to improve workplace productivity.  

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