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Posted by Aakriti Pandey on Oct 5, 2017 11:00:00 AM

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Is it really possible that a consumer router could deliver a promise of a business feature performance to an average business?  Well, it’s absolutely fair to be skeptical on its security, connection, and coverage limitations.

I doubt that there’s anyone out there who has escaped the experience of being temperamental about WiFi signals in our homes. Repositioning the router, discovering and getting rid of unwanted guests, changing the frequency, updating the equipment, and extending the range. Been there, done that. These could either or all be effective in the hopes of getting what you paid for.  


Businesses today - especially cafes and hotels, for instance - offer Wi-Fi to invite and retain their customers. Offering Wi-Fi, one that is of better grade than a consumer grade home Wi-Fi, in business premises for their guests is not only a question of competitiveness but also a matter of sustenance in today’s day and age. That’s only the matter of guests. When you have a full house and everyone’s connected to the Wi-Fi, quality and performance are more than likely compromised. “Free Wi-Fi” may be a magnet to begin with, but if the experience proves to be inferior, then it won’t take long to draw negative business reviews. With the lifestyle dependency on connectivity, It’s imperative that the businesses today offer the Wi-Fi connectivity that is not only FREE, but FAST as well.


This is why consumer grade Wi-Fi just doesn’t cut it for businesses. Even solopreneurs need business grade connections due to the type and size of applications that are used everyday. What every business of every size today needs is an Enterprise Grade Wi-Fi that delivers meaningful advantages by optimizing user experience that can accommodate high traffic and load without jeopardizing on quality, and one that is also easy to administer and manage.

There are also some important points to consider when opening up your corporate wireless network to guests or customers since security and bandwidth could be compromised. Once the Enterprise Grade Wi-Fi for your business is implemented, it is also strongly advised to deploy a guest wireless network.
By doing so, you can take control of the whole gamut of network - who, what, when and where.  The guest network segregates the guests’ device activities from your business network and also your servers, apps and network drives.  This serves as your protection from compromising device & network security, and possible intrusive customers.   


Furthermore, you can designate a portion of bandwidth to prioritize guest traffic too. The wireless space is ever evolving that it becomes easier and safer to share it and let other people access it, and at the same time, augmenting the customer or guest satisfaction.  What’s important to note is that providing seamless experience to your guests would need a concrete and sought through deployment plan. And a solid partner.

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