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Entertainment Services and Mobility go hand-in-hand

Posted by Aakriti Pandey on Aug 17, 2017 11:00:00 AM
To say that ‘the future of entertainment is mobile’ is not an overstatement and presumably would come as no surprise to the most of us. According to the research report by iGR, six out of ten Americans watch videos on their mobile devices every day, and say that they stream videos at least once per day. With this, the pressure on mobile networks for more capacity and better reliability is growing by the day. Read More

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DAS and LEED: Two top building trends

Posted by Aakriti Pandey on Aug 10, 2017 11:00:00 AM
  LEED and DAS are hands down the top two trends of today’s buildings. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a rating system designed by the United States Green Building Council, and it assesses the building’s environmental performance and impact, and encourages the property development market to transform and evolve towards the sustainable design. A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is a form of in-building wireless system, a network of antenna nodes connected to provide wireless service within a set geographical space or structure. LEED and DAS represent two of today’s biggest industry trends in the building industry. It goes without saying that the meaning of mobility has transformed, and everybody relies more on their mobile devices today than ever before. This trend is only on the upward slope, and is raising the need for reliable in-building solutions. Similarly, sustainability is becoming not only a preference but a priority - and the newer generation is more willing to pay more for greener and sustainable products. This momentum is only going to build up. According to the research done by Markets and Markets, the market value for in-building wireless is expected to be $16.71 Billion by 2020. Similarly, report from Navigant Research shows that the market value for green construction is expected to be a sensational $254 Billion by 2020. While it’s likely that these two trends will move forth and grow in tandem, but there are some pros and cons to installing a DAS in a LEED certified building. Why installing DAS in a LEED-Certified building have better advantages For all commercial buildings, but especially for the Class-A buildings, LEED Certification and DAS Solutions go hand-in-hand, and line up to these buildings’ high standards. Also, low-emissivity glass windows that obstruct the heat transmission is a characteristic of LEED-Certified buildings. Not only heat, but these low-e windows also block the transmission of the cellular signals. This not only makes installing DAS in a LEED-Certified building a necessity because the external signals find it difficult to penetrate, but also makes it far easier to install DAS in the LEED-Certified building than in those with conventional glass because these insulating properties of the low-e glass block the exterior cell signals that may contend with the interior network. This helps the installation, as well as makes it less expensive, because there is no need to account for interference. What are the challenges of installing DAS in a LEED-Certified Building While there are many advantages to installing DAS in a LEED-Certified building, a single disadvantage is the potential for slowdowns due to the Class-A buildings’ high-finish demands and requisites. These Class-A buildings have higher standards for everything, from performance to capacity, and from efficiency to aesthetics. While LEED-Certified buildings may have better grounds for DAS installations than the conventional buildings, mainly due to the low-e glass, it is also possible that the antenna placements may have to be adjusted later due to the ‘unsightliness’ throughout the building’s premise. However, it is also true that DAS antennas are typically low-profile, which may help detract the building managers’ urge to reposition them.   Read More

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How Building Owners can benefit from the impending rush of IoT

Posted by Aakriti Pandey on Jul 27, 2017 11:00:00 AM
  Many building owners and facility managers have been investing thickly on several technologies including smart systems, sensors, etc. under a label of Smart Buildings. Some may call it Building Automations, others name it Building Intelligence - but now there’s a new crown in town: “BIoT” Short nomenclature for ‘Building Internet of Things’, BIoT is a future solution that has deep promises. It is said to subdue all current imperfections with the Smart Buildings, and as it becomes a ‘mature solution’ it is also said to come with a rather wallet-friendly price-tag, in comparison to the incumbent. It will also bring more and advanced sensors, devices, ‘things’, and objects into the network, and help expand the system tremendously. So, it’s no surprise that the building owners and building managers, especially with sizeable real estate portfolio, are looking forward to it! Read More

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3.5 GHz ‘innovation band’: Why it's a commendable effort by FCC

Posted by Aakriti Pandey on Jul 20, 2017 11:00:00 AM
  The FCC is opening a new 3.5GHz band with rules to ensure spectrum sharing between different users. The band will be thinly licensed and the initiative is called the “Citizens Broadband Radio Service” - but what sorts of networks can we expect in this band? Read More

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Implementing Public Safety DAS = Mandatory for occupancy permits

Posted by Aakriti Pandey on Jul 13, 2017 11:00:00 AM
Getting DAS and any other form of supplementary In Building Wireless (IBW) solutions installed right at the aperture of the construction phase is, in one word, smart. Last week we covered this topic and discussed why implementing DAS at the architectural stage is not only a smart move, but a crucial one in the day and age of 5G and IoT. Similarly, there are also several requirements of the Public Safety DAS, which are mandatory elements to adapt during construction phase. Read More

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Implementing DAS at the architectural stage = Smart

Posted by Aakriti Pandey on Jul 6, 2017 11:00:00 AM
Building owners, venue owners, and large operators and service providers have been using DAS (Distributed Antenna System) for over two decades now in an attempt to enhance the network coverage in their facilities. Especially in buildings where the traditional macrocell approach doesn’t do the job of providing reliable (or any) wireless signals indoors. Mobile networks have been upgrading from 2G to 3G to LTE, and now we’re waiting for 5G to arrive here with a gusto. WIth this shift, the DAS architecture has alo evolved over time. Read More

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The workforce is changing. Telecommuting is on-trend. But are our buildings ready?

Posted by Aakriti Pandey on Jun 29, 2017 11:00:00 AM
Renting a place is not only about having a roof over our heads. Not any more. Today’s tenants look for top-notch amenities, patios and pools, around-the-clock security, roof terraces, gymnasiums. And property developers are fighting the war to put out the properties with anything that adds an extra oomph in the property’s appeal. But why is it that property managers, owners and builders are still not seeing the massive opportunity of In-Building-Wireless (IBW)? Read More

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How are Wi-Fi and Cellular Connectivity different, and how to augment the microcellular network

Posted by Aakriti Pandey on Jun 22, 2017 11:00:00 AM
So it’s no news that we live and breathe in digital age - and our accessibility of almost everything at our fingertips makes the world super close-knit and smaller than it is. We work in an age where we have access to almost absolutely anything on demand. We are no longer the prisoners of our own work desks, tied by the cord connected to a wall-outlet. The mobility we get with laptops, smartphones, tablets and wearables gives us freedom. Read More

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Mobile Industry Ecosystem - 2017 and beyond

Posted by Aakriti Pandey on Jun 15, 2017 11:00:00 AM
It’s no news that the evolution in the mobile industry has been dramatic by every measure, and the prospects of growth for 2017 is not looking any different. Consumer attitudes around mobile devices are unique and vital, and the mobile smartphone has become a singular most indispensable item across all geographies and demographics. It has become an ‘enabler’ of all things connectivity - letting the doors wide open for innovative and groundbreaking technologies - some we’ve seen and many are yet to come! As we’re half way through 2017, we thought we’d share some of the key stats that helps put things in perspective for the telecom industry in general. Read More

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5G - an ‘Enabler’ of Internet of Things

Posted by Aakriti Pandey on Jun 8, 2017 11:00:00 AM
Where is the ‘path to 5G’ leading to? What can we expect of 5G and what can it really accomplish? To what stretch will it be better than LTE? 12 billion plus devices are already connected to the Internet of Things. And the fifth generation of wireless technology is expected to connect many more billions. By 2020, that number could surge to 30 billion, says Simona Jankowski of Goldman Sachs Research. The future of IoT is being led by the 5G revolution, and what it can achieve is the testimony to how successful cellular technology has been.  Read More

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